May 7, 2016

About PVRS

Purcellville Volunteer Rescue Squad was organized in 1969 to help provide emergency medical assistance to citizens of the Purcellville, Virginia and the surrounding areas.

As part of the Loudoun County Combined Fire Rescue System, we proudly staff our ambulances with all volunteers.  While other Loudoun County departments receive supplemental career staffing, Purcellville IMG_0022Rescue is 100% volunteer staffing in-house crews, 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year, ready to serve our community.

Our current station is a county-owned facility called the Purcellville Public Safety Center with Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company, career firefighters from the Loudoun County Fire & Rescue Department, and the area’s Battalion Chief.

Though in a shared facility, Purcellville Rescue is a separate nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  We have separate budgets, financial and membership needs, leadership and oversight, and organization than our counterparts at the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company, and the Loudoun County Fire & Rescue Department.

13220571_10154036818040781_6981370841675458753_oThough 1969 was a long time ago, and volunteers have come and gone, at the core, Purcellville Rescue remains a vibrant company dedicated to helping those in the community.

The Purcellville Volunteer Rescue Squad is constantly growing and improving. Every month, more people decide to give back to their community by volunteering their time. We are always looking for new members to fill both administrative and operational roles.

We would love to speak with you!