August 22, 2016

Entry Level Assistant (Aide)

007New members with limited or no emergency medical experience start off with Purcellville Rescue as an Aide. Every Aide starts completes our Clear-to-Ride program with offers the basic training to server on the ambulance.

Aides serve as a very important part of our crew. They are the extra set of hands that assist the EMT and Paramedic on emergency calls. Serving as a Aide allows an individual to receive on-the-job training which can prepare one for EMT school.

Aides are not required to be EMTs, though like all operational members they are highly encouraged to attain EMT-Basic, and higher, certification, or at the least First Responder. All Aides are required to obtain one minimum staffing certification within 2yrs such as EMT or EVOC (Driver).